Hebridean Lodge

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The Hebridean Lodge Shop is warm, welcoming and friendly and if the temperature drops the log burner is always on.

The gift shop sells our own Tobermory canvases, and pictures, as well as our ever increasing range of Tobermory gifts. Many of our products from canvases to jigsaw puzzles are designed and made onsite.

The new food section will sell an ever evolving selection of some of our favourite restaurant dishes, such as duck liver pate, and maple pannacotta with poached brambles and apples, and ginger sponge. We will also have a selection of nice sandwiches and drinks ready for your picnic.

Our gift range, canvases, pictures and jigsaws, are also available to buy online, please tap on the link below.

Shop Online

Opening Times
The Shop is open from 10am till 5pm Monday till Friday, and sometimes on a Saturday morning

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